Writing The Scene Workshop

The Scene

Organizing your story into ‘scenes’ – that is, smaller pieces of plot (action/choices) building – is an ideal way to tell your story. By thinking in ‘scenes’ – key elements like setting, character development, action, climax, and conflict become the foundations of unleashing your story. Using descriptive language and literary devices help support these fundamental ‘scenes’ as your stories unfold.

Learn what a scene is, how to write them, how they pertain to your specific story (fiction and nonfiction), and begin to build the foundation of your novel, short story or memoir!

Please come prepared with a story idea and/or a draft of your novel, short story/memoir. Laptops welcome!

This workshop is for all writers. It is ideal for those with a new idea who are looking for a way into the hearts their story and need some guidance with organization, motivation and inspiration.

DATE: Saturday, March 12, 2022
TEACHER: Vanessa Shields
COST: $60.00
Includes light snacks, beverages and take-home info pack on how to write a scene.

To register, please email shieldsvanessa@gmail.com or call 519-999-2314. To guarantee your spot, registration and payment is needed.

Workshop limit: 5 people

Payment types: cash, credit, debit, etransfer

COVID INFO: Masks mandatory.

Let’s learn and write together!

“Every scene must create an emotional shift, and every scene must have conflict.”

Blake Snyder, “Save the Cat”