Writing Retreats

Gertrude’s Writing Room is a gathering place for writers. It exists for writers like you to have a creative space in which to write, read, play, create and retreat. The writing retreat comes in many variations. We believe it is essential for writers to give themselves the gift of time and space in which to retreat from the necessary ‘normal’ so to enhance their creative writing lives. To retreat is to withdrawal, but it is also to re-enter. For the sake of your words, your stories, your expression, retreating into your writing is a powerful gift that not only enhances your skills, but excites your muse, heightens your creative awareness, expands your imagination, and harnesses your confidence so you can stand passionate and strong in the mastery of your writing life.

All writing retreats happen within the space at Gertrude’s Writing Room in a 530 square foot room filled with books, art, tables, and desks. Free WIFI and all-you-can-drink coffee, tea and water is always included in your visit. We are nestled in a beautiful park that is perfect for walking breaks and nature connection. The space is fully accessible with bathrooms and a small kitchen. Every writer is welcome.

Please click on the drop-down menu to find out more about the different types of retreats offered at Gertrude’s Writing Room.