The Prayer Box – Daily Writing for Your Spirit

The Prayer Box – Daily Writing for Your Spirit

Creating a daily habit is no easy feat, but it is possible – especially if it’s for your spirit! The Prayer Box workshop will give you the tools to create your own Prayer Box. You can then use this special, hand-made and crafted box to put hand-written personal prayers inside. We will learn about different forms of daily prayer (mantra, meditation, angel/guidance cards, morning pages, journaling, etc.) that will help you find the daily practice of writing for prayer that fulfills your unique and beautiful spirit!

This workshop includes:

  • a prayer box
  • craft necessities to specialize your prayer box
  • lesson on different forms of daily written prayer

You will be engaging in hands-on crafting to specialize your prayer box – so this class is very creative for your artistic spirit!

Saturday, March 23, 2019
12pm – 2pm
Gertrude’s Writing Room, 628 Monmouth
Workshop leader: Vanessa Shields
Cost: $30.00

Pre-registration is needed.

8 participants maximum.

For information on how to register, please CLICK HERE.