The Space

Gertrude’s Writing Room is a shared space meant to inspire and motivate creativity. There are desks, tables, comfy chairs, a sofa, *so many books*, and typewriters for your writing pleasure! The space is inspired by the whimsy of creativity, and the heart of Paris in the 1920s. Every part of the space is usable for your writing!


At Gertrude’s Writing Room everyone is welcome to expand their creative journeys and explore their writing hearts.

We have hundreds of books (old and new) all available for creative writing inspiration. There is always candy in the candy jars, tea and coffee in cups and mugs, and journals, pens and paper for your writing needs.


It’s a simple as choosing a desk and starting to write! Or if you prefer a bigger space to create, there are tables too!


Indeed, Gertrude’s Writing Room is a gathering place for writers! We look forward to meeting you and writing with you!