Monsters, Aliens, Short Stories & Friends

Monsters, Aliens, Short Stories & Friends
Saturday, January 19, 2019
1pm – 4pm
Gertrude’s Writing Room, 628 Monmouth
Workshop Leaders: Ben VanDongen & Christian Laforet

Consider how your writing life would shift if you had a writing partner to share your writing ups and downs and all arounds. Ben Van Dongen and Christian Laforet have been writing together for years. From an annual writing retreat to critiquing to self-publishing, Van Dongen and Laforet have been sharing their writing processes, challenges and successes – and now they’re experts in the field of writing with a buddy! Find out how having a writing partner can strengthen your writing life.

Van Dongen and Laforet write genre-fiction, specifically horror, sci-fi and crime. They are members of Write on Windsor, and they have co-authored, designed and sold several books together. They have learned extraordinary things about each other, about writing, about being active authors in Windsor and beyond. They are the hosts of the Windsor editing of Chi-Series – a monthly science-fiction literary event.

In this class, writers will learn how to establish and maintain a writing-buddy system, how to decipher what type of writer you are, how your writing process works and how to have a buddy support you in this process, learn tips on self-publishing, learn about the short story genre, learn tips on critiquing and being part of a critique group, learn how to schedule writing time, and embrace the importance of sharing ideas during all parts of the writing and publishing process.

This class includes:
– writing journal
– buddy-system information
– a pen
– writing prompts
– snacks & beverages

Cost: $50.00

This class is open to all writers – especially those interested in writing with a partner and the genres of crime, sci-fi and horror.