The Art of Journal Writing



The Art of Journal Writing

Workshop leader Vanessa Shields has been writing in a journal since she was nine-years-old. Over the years, she has collected over 75 journals and written in a journal while on beaches, in cafes, in bars, in cars, on boats, on planes…okay, you get it – in places and spaces all over the globe. If you’ve ever felt an urge to write in a journal, then this 2-hour workshop is for you! Perhaps you already write in a journal but are looking for inspiration on diverse things to write about or interesting prompts to help you fill those pages?

From stream-of-consciousness writing to writing in response to spiritual practice (meditation/painting/dancing/etc.) to writing for release and emotional, therapeutic healing – the power of journal writing reaches into the deep crevices of our creative souls. The practice of doing something everyday can be life-changing – the practice of writing in a journal every day, however, is a guaranteed life-changing endeavour. Explore the benefits of writing in a journal, and how the next-step of self-expression can be lifting your words off the page for others to read and relate to in various other creative writing forms. Of course, choosing a journal and a writing utensil is always part of the amazing experience – we’ll talk about that too!

This is a free event as part of Culture Days – click HERE to find out more about this incredible cross-country cultural event.

There are limited spaces for this workshop (12).

This workshop includes:

  • a free pen
  • journal-writing tips and writing prompts
  • timed-writing exercises
  • talking and sharing

Please bring something to write in. We will be writing by hand only. (So leave those laptops at home!)

Please click HERE for registration information. *Please note: the registration process is still the same even though this is a free event. Please choose a registration option to secure your spot. Thank you!*