Because submissions are coming in and we desire more!!

Because the season is changing soon, and that means our experience with community will too!

Because back-to-school initiates memories of community…and that woody, new-pencil & lead smell that brings a ruffle to a belly…

Because this pandemic pushes onwards and what does that mean for communities around the globe?

Submission guidelines remain the same. They are HERE.

We’ve got really cool stuff in the store.

Our little store that could is really chugging along! With exciting new items like literary tees and candles, soap and mints, stickers and stationary…come on in and have a looky-loo! Payments: cash, credit, debit, paypal.

Also, thank you to Keri for the idea to sell ‘mystery’ books! That is, books that are wrapped in craft paper with hints to what the book is about – but the title remains a mystery! These gently used books are $5.00 each with 100% of the cost going towards workshop and class scholarships.

September hours will posted soon! Happy writing! Be kind!