Our first annual chapbook is FOR SALE! Copies are $15.00 each.

To order a copy(ies), please email with the following info: # of copies, full name, mailing address.

Payments can be made to the above email via etransfer. Thank you for supporting local writers and a local small business!

Art created and cover designed by Alley Biniarz.


Thank you to all those who’ve submitted. We’re busy reading and responding. 

Gertrude’s Writing Room believes in the power of publishing!

To honour the hard work, dedication, passion and bravery of the writers who attend workshops, classes and editing sessions, we will publish an annual collection of writing by our students.

This collection will culminate in a Reading and Book Launch event where we can gather to support and cheer on the writers who are part of the Gertrude’s Writing Room family.


  1. Anyone who has attended a writing workshop, class or editing/mentoring session at Gertrude’s Writing Room may submit.
  2. No previous publishing history is necessary.
  3. Only previously unpublished writing should be submitted.


Submission Check-list

  1. Cover letter
  2. The writing
  3. Submission email


Include a cover letter as part of your submission that includes the following information:

  1. A two- or three-sentence biographical statement. Have fun with this!
  2. Your full mailing address, e-mail address and phone number.
  3. The title(s) of the piece(s) you are submitting.
  4. The genre of the piece(s) you are submitting (poetry, fiction, non-fiction).
  5. Include any links to personal websites/social media.

Ex. Cover Letter

Vanessa shields
My address
My email address
My phone number

I am submitting the following:

1.Poem title
2.Poem title

3.Short story – Title & Word Count

Short Bio

I typically write using my laptop whilst sitting on the sofa in my living room. It’s important to me to write from my heart. My goal is to write the next ‘Vagina Monologues’ and enjoy the grand success of writing about important things and sharing them with the world.


Vanessa Shields. Poet. Novelist. Reader. Sleeper. Published. Still waiting to meet Tom Cruise.


CLASSIFIED AD: Writer, 40+, seeks publisher of poetry, novels and silly ramblings. I like chocolate and getting caught in the rain.


  • Send a maximum of 3 (three) pieces of writing totalling no more than 4 pages. (Ex. Two (2) poems = 2 pages, 1 scene = 1 page, 1 dialogue scene = 1 page. Total pages = 4.) Please try to submit more than one page of writing.
  • Maximum length for fiction and creative non-fiction (includes any format of writing that is NOT poetry): 2,000 words.
  • Do NOT submit previously published work.
  • We ask that you let us know if your work is also submitted elsewhere, and, if it is accepted, to notify us right away.
  • Poetry submission format: single-spaced, 12 pt font, bolded title, name and contact on each page.
  • Prose submission format: double-spaced, 12 pt font, bolded title, name and contact on each page.


All submissions must be submitted to the following e-mail and received no later than midnight Monday, January 20, 2020 DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MONDAY, JANUARY 27TH, 2020.


In the subject line, please write: 2020 Submission – YOUR NAME (JOHNNY WRITEALOT)

In the email:

The Cover Letter in the body of the email.

ATTACH the writing in a docx OR google doc ONLY. (No RFT, no doc, no pdf.) Please include your FULL NAME in the file name. (ex. JOHNNYWRITEALOT_POETRYSUBMISSION)

Thank you!