Spring Vision Quest

SPRING VISION QUEST – ReAssess, ReAffirm, Maintain

In Vision Quest for Writers, we will gather together to RE-asses our writing lives, RE-affirm our writing needs and visions, and create or update our vision quest chapbooks that will help us maintain our creative writing goals through the summer. With summer comes a different creative energy. The heat affects us as does the hot sun who gives us this necessary warmth. We feel excited to get outdoors, to plan vacations, to eat differently – our creative juices shift. In an effort to go with the flow of this seasonal and energetic shift, this workshop will embrace what summer means for our writing lives and work with our changing creative needs to maintain the writing habits we already have and/or to create new plans that will keep us writing.

This four-hour, intensive workshop will include decision-making about our writing, chapbook-making and affirmation creations. We will be looking deeply and truthfully into our creative writing souls in order to begin new and/or maintain commitments to our writing lives.

By the end of the workshop, we will each have a chapbook filled with our writing visions, affirmations and goals that will carry us through the summer.

Spring Vision Quest Workshop
Saturday, May 30, 2020
12pm – 4pm
Teacher: Vanessa Shields
Cost: $65 includes light lunch

For registration and payment information, please CLICK HERE.