Start With A Song – Songwriting Workshop

Start with a Song – Songwriting Workshop
Saturday, April 25th, 2020
Gertrude’s Writing Room – 1899 Niagara – Willistead Park
10am – 3pm
cost: $100
Teens and adults welcome!
Bring your acoustic guitars if you’d like! Don’t have a guitar? No problem – bring your heart and love of music.
Performing singer-songwriter Karen Morand will teach songwriting for beginners drawing on her unique musical experience, skill and humour. We’ll explore the art and craft of making a song. In community, we will explore words and melody with hands-on exercises to bring out your inner songwriter. No songwriting experience necessary.
About Karen:

Karen Morand has roots that run deep. Born in Toronto and based in Southern Ontario, the award-winning singer-songwriter does life off the beaten path, sleeves rolled up with an eye on the eternal. Armed with feisty, powerhouse vocals, she delivers a soul-stirring show: lively, alt- folk with well-worn blues and gritty gospel on the side.

Karen radiates with energy in live performances both solo and accompanied by her acoustic trio, BOSCO. A graduate from the University of Windsor’s music therapy program, Karen enjoys making meaningful connections with her audience and inspiring hope. She is also a music educator, workshop instructor and music director.

Since her first studio release, ‘Carry On’ in 2012, followed by ‘I Think I’ll Lose My Mind Today’ in 2014, and Junkyard Heart in 2016, Karen has maintained an intense performance schedule throughout Ontario and most recently, touring Eastern Canada. Her first solo and most recent release, “Every Flash of Light” (2018) is an EP produced by Danny Gauthier including co-writes with Nashville songwriters Steve Hindalong (the Choir), Kelly Kessler and Linda McRae (Spirit of the West). Other collaborations include her recent pairing with internationally renowned bluesman, Manitoba Hal Brolund as bluesy gospel Americana duo, “Even the Bird Was Free.”

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