Powerful Prompts

Powerful Prompts Workshop

This workshop is the scratch to your itching need to write. Join S.Rebecca Leigh (Ph.D) for a two-hour workshop packed with powerful prompts to awaken your writing spirit and get the words from your head and heart to the page.

Leigh is the author of ‘Wounded Writers Ask: Am I Doing it Write?‘, collection of 48 writing prompts created to get any writer writing – especially those who have experience any type of ‘writing’ wound. Leigh is also a tenured professor at Oakland University where she teaches, and her major area of research investigates how art serves as a pathway to literacy learning.

“Wounded Writers Ask: Am I Doing it Write? invites students to begin a new writing history through a collection of 48 free-writes that explore list writing, aesthetic writing, word craft, and writing that delves into personal life stories. These free-writes are invitations to develop a lead or improve a story title, to discover a character’s name or replace one word for another that is more vivid, to locate a story idea or revise a story’s focus. More than this, Wounded Writers Ask: Am I Doing it Write? emphasizes creative consciousness over correctness, where writing is a vehicle for exploring identity and (re)claiming voice across multiple grade levels.”

Powerful Prompt workshops will happen often so as to create a consistent space for you to write using prompts. Use what you’ve written for submissions, contests and, of course, your own creative pleasure.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn new prompts for your writing
  • Write in response to various prompts (hand-write, timed-writing)
  • Learn how other forms of art-making can prompt you to write
  • Learn how to work with and through your writing ‘wounds’
  • Receive a list of submissions/contents for your writing

This workshop includes:

  • A writing journal
  • A list of submissions/contest information

Friday, November 30, 2018 | 6pm – 8pm
At Gertrude’s Writing Room – 628 Monmouth
Workshop Leader: S. Rebecca Leigh, Author of ‘Wounded Writers Ask: Am I Doing it Write?’
Cost: $40.00
Workshop attendance maximum: 10
Registration is needed as spaces are limited

Wounded Writers Ask: Am I Doing it Write? Is available on-line or for purchase at Gertrude’s Writing Room.

Please click HERE for registration and payment information.