Policies – Payment, Cancellation, Confidentiality


There are several ways to pay for things at Gertrude’s Writing Room. We will do our best to be accommodating at all times regarding how to pay.


Registration is only complete when full payment for the class/workshop has been received. Please click HERE for payment information.


Cash/Credit refunds will be given but vary depending on when the cancellation occurs.

Cancellations that occur once the class/workshop/session has begun due to personal scheduling/ changes due to work will *not* result in a refund and/or a lessening of the session/class/workshop fee.

If a class date changes because of a teacher’s schedule, the policy is to attempt to reschedule the original date with a new one agreed upon by all class participants. Refunds/credits will be handled on a class-to-class basis.

4 weeks or more before the class/workshop – Full cash/credit refund.

2-4 weeks before the class/workshop – 65% Gertrude’s Writing Room credit voucher (remaining 35% kept as cancellation fee).

Within 2 weeks prior to the class/workshop – 50%Gertrude’s Writing Room credit voucher (remaining 50% kept as cancellation fee).

The day of or anytime after class/workshop/session has begun – No refund/no credit voucher.


Confidentiality is of utmost importance at Gertrude’s Writing Room. We acknowledge that all personal information offered/shared during classes/workshops is strictly confidential. Writers will be asked to follow this confidentiality policy.


During many of our classes and workshops, writers participate in intensive critiquing – including giving and receiving feedback on each other’s work, and the writing we are studying. Details on how to critique and etiquette during classes/workshops is given each time we engage in this manner. We are committed to creating a safe yet vulnerable space for writers to learn and grow as writers who are able to not only write beautiful things but be beautiful humans as they share and learn from each other.