Owner & Staff

Owner Vanessa Shields

Vanessa Shields is the owner of Gertrude’s Writing Room. She’s living her dream of welcoming writers into a creative, safe, fun place to learn, share and write, write, write! Follow her on her blog! www.vanessashields.com.

Sunlight Staffer Mariette Jones

Mariette Jones, Licensed Unity Teacher, took early retirement (she likes to say rewirement) from the Windsor-Detroit Borderlink (Tunnel) on June 1, 2020. Since then, she has
been exploring what it means to facilitate, teach, encourage, empower and inspire from an online presence, mainly in the form of short videos on You Tube (LOVE SPEAKS!) and longer sessions on Zoom.
She is especially passionate about mental and emotional health, and she has taught classes, facilitated book studies and delivered speeches on these topics, as well as on spiritual principles at Unity Spiritual Centre of Windsor.
Rambo and Brown Sugar are her bedmates when hubby goes dutifully into work on the night shift. Her favourite loves, besides kitty cuddles and husband hugs, are poetry, chocolate ice cream and moonlit nights!

Mariette has been a part of the Gertrude’s family for some time now. She has a gorgeous smile that explodes out of her star-bright eyes! She is the creator and host of Love Speaks by Mariette, a weekly youtube show where she bursts love and wisdom. Her poetry is spiritually guided and taps into the deep heart of nature, love and her sweet sense of humour.

Mariette will be bringing her sunlight to help keep the writing room organized, cleaned, welcoming and compassionately open to all. Her enthusiasm and passion for learning and playing will infuse the space with a beautiful, refreshing energy!

Welcome and thank you, Mariette!