The Intuition of Creativity

The Intuition of Creativity – Creativity, Intuition, Spirit and Intention for Your Writing – SOLD OUT!

Our creative spirits are in constant flux as we move through the happenings of each day. How can we cultivate synchronicity between our creative energy and our writing output?

In The Intuition of Creativity, writers will learn how to discover their creative spirit through techniques that will develop intuition, build trust, engage the higher self and create affirmations that will motivate and support creative writing intentions. As well, writers will learn how to use spiritual guidance like Tarot and/or Oracle cards to guide story structure and character development.

In this class, writers will:

• Learn about creativity
• Learn about intuition and spiritual self-trust
• Learn about Tarot and Oracle cards and their connection to storytelling
• Engage in various unique writing exercises
• Engage in conversations about creativity/creative writing
• Create a daily creativity ritual
• Enhance and cultivate writing output

Class Sessions:

Week One – Recognizing the Creative Spirit
• What is creativity?
• Creativity writing exercises
• Creativity quotes/info from other writers/artists
• How does connecting with and sustaining our creative energy affect our writing output/idea generation/writing endurance/etc.?

Week Two – Developing Intuition
• What is intuition?
• How do we trust our intuition?
• How can our intuition guide and support our writing?
• How can our connection to our higher self make us better writers?
• How does tapping into synchronicity with the ‘spirit’ help our creative energy?

Week Three – Using Tarot & Oracle card decks for Idea Generation
 & Spiritual Guidance
• General info on how Tarot & Oracle cards work
• Tarot – Archetypes for the spirit and storytelling
• Oracle cards – for spiritual guidance and storytelling
• Yes/No/Maybe exercise
• Writing exercises using Tarot/Oracle cards

Week Four – Building Intentions & The Power of Affirmations
• How does synchronicity with spirit affect our writing dreams?
• How do we build creative intentions with intuition and trust at the centre?
• How can affirmations affect our daily spirit and writing life?
• Creating a daily spiritual ritual for our creative writing
• Final take-aways – writing prompts/affirmations to take with you

This class includes:

  • binder with syllabus, weekly class print-outs/information
  • journal
  • pen
  • free copy of ‘Essential Guide to Tarot’ book
  • light refreshments and beverages

4-week class
Wednesdays in October – 2, 9, 16, 23
6:30pm – 8:30pm
Teachers: Candice Allen, Psychic Intuitive, Owner of Phoenix Rising & Vanessa Shields
Cost: $180.00

*This class has a maximum of 8 writers.*

For payment information and to registers, please CLICK HERE.