Harvesting Time Workshop

Wednesday, October 20, 2021
6pm – 8:30pm

Via Zoom – Writers are welcome to keep their camera and microphone on for intimate participation!

Host: Vanessa Shields
Cost: $30.00 – payable via e-transfer to shieldsvanessa@gmail.com

1) email vanessa at shieldsvanessa@gmail.com
2) vanessa will send you a registration link once you’ve paid for the workshop
3) After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. You will be sent a zoom link for the workshop.

Registration is complete upon full payment. Payments are due by October 18, 2021. Etransfer/paypal email: shieldsvanessa@gmail.com. Cash/debit/credit available at Gertrude’s Writing Room. Please contact Vanessa about your mode of payment! 


What is your relationship with time and creativity? Have you always dreamed of writing every day? Have you ‘tried on’ writing at all different times of the day but can never create a habit? What are your daily creativity goals? In Harvesting Time – it’s time to ‘harvest time’ by looking into the stories we’ve created about Time – and how they are working for or against our creative writing practice. We will reflect on what our ‘time seeds’ look and feel and smell and sound and taste like – and then we’ll plant them in the fertile soil of our creative goals! Yes, there IS ENOUGH TIME! Especially when we are the gardeners of our creative cultivation!

In this workshop, Vanessa will lead writers in the following:

  • discussion about our relationship with Time
  • timed creative writing prompts that will foster our narratives (stories) about time
  • face and (re)discover our creative schedules
  • create a writing practice that honestly cultivates the seeds of our creative needs while honouring the realities of our daily lives (workship, friendship, familyship, etc.)
  • be inspired by quotes by writers/creatives about ‘time’ and ‘process’

What you need:

  • something to write on and with
  • something comforting near you
  • post-it notes/recipe cards/cut up pieces of paper to write on

*Please note: to make this experience more intimate and interactive, it would be great to see your face and hear your voice! Please consider keeping your camera on the whole time, and turning on your mic to speak. Thank you!