Hand-Made Gifts Extravaganza!


Let’s get our creativity crafting, shall we! Gather at the writing room to make hand-made, heart-felt gifts for loved ones…or, you know, yourself! Whatever you make – you keep! This year, let your hands and heart make the best gifts ever!

Time: 12pm – 4pm

Cost: $35/person – This is a family-friendly event. For family members – get a deal! Two for $50.00.

To register, email shieldsvanessa@gmail.com or call Vanessa at 519-999-2314. Spaces are limited! Act fast!

Some Hand-made Craft Examples…

Using vintage books, make secret interiors to fill with candy or word prompts or wrap in hand-made wrapping paper with literary flare!

Cut out words and images and glue them onto boxes, books, canvas or jars to create your artistic masterpiece!

Use felt to make seasonal garland or bookmarks, pennants or book jackets!

Spell out your love! Use iron on letters to send a witty, literary or holiday greeting on bags, felt, t-shirts, pencil cases and more!

Old vinyl is a fabulous medium for art! Write on your favourite literary or lyric quote…write a holiday greeting or seasonal word for a cool art piece to hang on a wall or the tree!

From old to new – using old mirrors, plates, pictures and teacups, create unique home decor. Also, fill teacups with words, stickers, chocolates and more!

Everyone loves writing prompts! Create your own writing prompt jar of words or themes or fill a jar with compliments or kindness words!

What’s the story? Write your own book about a loved one, your holiday traditions, or fill in the blank style for friends and family!

Let your imagination lead you! We’ve got loads of tools: sewing machine, iron, glue, markers, books, material, canvas, scissors, magazines, felt…all the things you need to hand-make gifts!