The Poetry of Flowers

Narcissus spp., Primula vulgaris, Rosa canina, Crataegus monogyna, Vinca major. Ooooo, the names of flowers slip off the tongue and beg for poetry to drip from fingertips! It’s time to get flowery! In this three-week class, we will study various flowers by learning their given names, their meanings, and their images. We will write poetry using various forms (sonnet, villanelle, glossa, hai bun, ode, etc.) motivated by the hypnotic inspiration of flowers. Poems make delightful gifts! Use the poems we write and share in class as gifts for loved ones.

Each two-hour class includes the study of the flower, discussion, writing, sharing and feedback.


TIME: 12PM – 2PM

PLATFORM – GOOGLE MEETS – each week a link invitation will be sent to writers to ‘join’ the class.

COST: $75 – PAY VIA E-TRANSFER (to shieldsvanessa@gmail.com)

TO REGISTER, EMAIL shieldsvanessa@gmail.com with subject line: I WANNA GET FLOWERY. Please include your FULL NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER in the body of the email. Please include the name of your favourite flower in the email as well!

Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Class size limited to 5 writers.

Nobody knows this little Rose–

It might a pilgrim be

Did I not take it from the ways

And lift it up to thee

from EMILY DICKINSON, Nobody Knows This Little Rose