The Empowered Freelance Writer


Do you have an idea for an article, feature story, or personal narrative but aren’t sure how to write it or where to pitch it? Do you find yourself filled with ideas for journalistic publications, but fear that you’ll never find a publication that will publish your work?

The Empowered Freelance Writer workshop will show you how to write your best journalistic pieces and how to get them into the world – with confidence and a distinct understanding of today’s journalism industry for freelance writers. The Empowered Freelance writer has creative confidence – this workshop will give you that boost you need to put your story into the world. Whether your passion is to tell someone else’s story or your own, there is a place for your words and we will show you how to find it!

The Empowered Freelance Writer workshop will guide you to finding your unique niche in the loud noise of the freelance industry (print and digital) and give you tools to help you remain true to your authentic writing voice. This workshop will speak to local, national and international publication opportunities, which type of stories publishers are looking for and accepting, and how to stand out without selling out.

As well, bring all your questions about freelance pay negotiations, how to foster a positive relationship with editors, how to pitch yourself and your story, and how to keep your authentic voice empowered as you making a living from freelance writing.

An empowered freelance writer can be alive and thriving!

Taught by freelance writer Alley Biniarz, whose years in the industry have garnered her many publications for features, articles, advertorials and photography in a diverse array of publications locally and internationally, writers will learn about her freelance writing journey and how she’s positively managed to keep her journalistic writing career thriving. From social media gigs to full-length features to cultivating her writing skills through her Masters degree in Creative Non-Fiction, Biniarz is an expert in the field.

Sunday, December 1, 2019
12pm – 3pm
Teacher: Alley Biniarz
Cost: $40


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