Ekphrastic writing is the art of creative writing based on looking at an image – a piece of art, a photograph or a thing to look at and respond to. Defined simply as: a literary description of or commentary on a visual work of art – ekphrasis has been around for centuries born out of philosophers Plato, Aristotle and Socrates analysis of everything from things (like a bed) to art (paintings/sculptures, etc..). In this ekphrastic writing class, students will learn the history of ekphrasis and then dive into the action of writing in response to an image. Ekphrastic writing is essentially a prompt class wherein the piece of art or the image motivates a subjective reaction and response that is expressed through various forms of creative writing.

In this ekphrastic writing class, students will be presented with an image and will write poetry in response to the image for the first two classes. In the third class, students will be presented with an image and will write a fictional scene based on their response to the image. In the final class, students will be presented with an image and will write a character description and development based on the image. Using the ekphrastic method of creative writing prompting, students will write poetry and fiction, honing their skills in both genres.

Teachers Vanessa Shields and Alley Biniarz will lead each class and teach about the image as well as the genres of writing. This is a class that will challenge writers to learn different styles of writing and learn about various images/art pieces.

In this class, students will:

  • learn about art
  • learn how to write poetry and fiction
  • learn about the history of ekphrastic writing
  • write poetry & fiction (specifically scenes/character description)
  • share their writing

This class includes:

  • pen
  • journal
  • images/art
  • information about ekphrastic writing
  • a binder
  • light refreshments

There is a maximum of 8 students for this class.

Class information:

Four-Week Writing Class
Wednesdays from 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Week One – Poetry – May 29
Week Two – Poetry – June 5
Week Three – Fiction Scene – June 12
Week Four – Character Sketch – June 19
Teachers: Vanessa Shields & Alley Biniarz
Cost: $120.00