Writing with Dick & Jane

Do you remember using the early reader books featuring the characters of Dick and Jane as how-to-read tools when you were in elementary school? If so, you’ll likely remember their adventures and misadventures with their dog, parents and others in their neighbourhood. How about how the mother was always dress-and-high-heel clad and cooking a meal in the kitchen and the father was always at work or reading a newspaper? Learning to read with Dick and Jane meant learning to uphold stereotypes that were prevalent in our past – themes of sexism, racism, and socio-economic stereotypes were rampant in the stories that were created to ‘teach us how to read’ but also taught us how to learn about the people and society around us.

Looking back, it’s impossible to not clearly see how reading with Dick and Jane in 2019 would be impossible without facing the mistruths in the storytelling – no matter how great the phonics and structure were in teaching us how to read.

In this workshop, we will not only be reading with Dick and Jane but rewriting it – and sipping some delicious wine while we do it! Featuring Windsor’s Poet Laureate, Mary Ann Mulhern, a master at reflecting the world back to us through outstanding poetry, lawyer-slash-actor-slash-poet Peter Hrastovec, and the owner of Gertrude’s Writing Room (and poet!) Vanessa Shields, this trifecta of writers will lead us through the pages of Dick and Jane and other early reader stories in a writing workshop like never before.

Held at North Forty-Two Degrees Estate Winery, we will be reading and writing among the grapes and wines – how inspiring is that? No previous writing experience is necessary to take this back-in-time jump into the world of early readers and Dick and Jane. We will be writing poetry and fiction – and rewriting Dick and Jane together!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
7pm – 9pm
*N42 Degrees Estate Winery – 130 County Road 50 E., Colchester, ON N0R 1G0
Teachers: Mary Ann Mulhern, Peter Hrastovec, Vanessa Shields
Cost: $40.00 *includes one glass of wine. Note – this price is subject to change. We will notify you as soon as the price is confirmed!


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