In an effort to continue our commitment to safety in the space, we are stopping our open hour/open door hours for September and October and offering by-appointment-only bookings. What does this mean exactly? We are now opening the space from Monday to Friday from 10am – 3pm on a first-book-first-served basis. You can choose to book a desk or a table to do your creative work Monday to Friday between 10am – 3pm. That means MORE TIME to be in the space and write, write, write! We are also open to requests for evening and weekend bookings. We are doing our best to be accommodating for your creative writing needs! Covid PPE rules will continue to be followed. Masks are mandatory. Screening forms to be filled out upon arrival. Social distancing is in effect.

Our HOURLY RATES remain the same.

How it works:

  1. Send Vanessa an email at OR give her call at 519-999-2314 to check availability and book your hours in the writing room. We’re keeping our booking system old-school because it’s great to speak to a human, isn’t it?
  2. Payment is made on-the-day, after your session in the space.
  3. You’re welcome to bring your own food and keep it in the kitchen.
  4. All other space usage info is available HERE.

We hope that this slight shift in hours better suits your writing needs!