May We?

Ah, May. She’s arrived on the brisk shoulder of the winter-to-spring change. We are still in lock down. Gah. These words…and others: isolation, pandemic, pivot, mask, vaccine…such language, such heavy carrying.

How are you?

Are you reading books that lift you to foreign lands? Or that lead your mind into adventures exciting and mysterious? Are you watching films that shake your tender soul? Perhaps you’re cooking up storms of delicious meals that make your mouth grateful?

Are you writing? Poetry? Journal entries? Letters – handwritten and sealed with love? Oh, I do hope you’re writing! I hope you’re weaving in and out of fascinating stories, truth-heavy or fiction-fabulous. As the words that plow into our ears affect our moods, energy and love-giving, may we remember that we.are.our.words. Language is a safe planet we have the power to inhabit, cultivate and share with love and compassion.

Gertrude’s Writing Room is living in the virtual-sphere, continuing to embrace and enhance creativity with many incredible writers. The space is closed, but patient and hopeful for the time when she can open her door and writers can rush in. The time will come. It will.

May we keep inhaling and exhaling. May we face this harsh reality with courage and resilience. May we give ourselves permission to break and collapse and weep with the same passion that we shine, grow and express our love.

Time is a whirling dervish – we can witness her wild displays, we can spread our arms and join her spinning, or we can do both while contemplating in the spaces of ‘I don’t know’ in between.

Be the best words you can be.