April is National Poetry Month! Gertrude’s Writing Room is excited about this as reading and writing poetry is one of our passions! As spring weaves herself into the land and sky, let us take moments to be like spring and weave poetry into the land and sky of our hearts and homes. The League of Canadian Poets’ theme for this year’s poetry month is resilience. That’s a fine theme, indeed, and an experience that we are all refining as the pandemic trundles onward and we continue to face it in the best ways that we can for our communities, families and selves.

Poetry provides the soul with such gifts of uplift, reflection, challenge, love, resilience, guidance and perspective. Whether you read it or write it, something happens within…a stirring or a slap…a sigh or a scream – it is active inside us, and it inspires action. So as the month unfolds, read poetry. Old. Contemporary. Nature poetry. Odes. Watch and listen and learn from slam poets. Request a poem from you local Poet Laureate. Share poems with retweets or ‘likes’. Just embrace poetry with your soul. After all, that’s where poetry comes from.

The City of Windsor’s ‘Resilient Voices’ initiative has fully embraced the LCP’s poetry about resilience theme and brought it to life by publishing poetry written by local poets on buses and billboards around the city. To learn more about this incredible poetic force, READ HERE. Congratulations to the over 60 poets whose poignant work will grace our city spaces.

Photo credit: Mayor Drew Dilkens’ Facebook page


We were just getting the chills of excitement considering having one-to-one sessions in the space, however, with the new lockdown announcement scheduled today, we will once again don our waiting caps, and push hope to the forefront. 
We have some ideas for virtual events, especially since our three year anniversary is in July. As we make the dream celebration more concrete, we’ll share details. 
In the interim, please know that our hearts are bursting with love and support for the Gertrude’s Writing Room Family. We miss you! But, love is love no matter how it spreads. 
Like you, we will continue to be kind, be mindful, be helpful. We will continue to read and write in the new shapes and spaces that are our literary communities. 
Hearts open, writers, hearts open!

If your are bursting with ideas or have a manuscript you’d like to revise or the pull for a literary mentor, please consider the following options available virtually through Gertrude’s Writing Room:

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