We’ve made the move! Over the weekend, we moved loads of bins into our new home in Willstead Park in The Stable Yard of The Coach House. What the heck does that mean, anyway? Well, really, it’s just an added on part of The Coach House! I suppose at some point in the past, it was the place where the stable was?! We can find out the delicious history together.

This is our new front door! Isn’t it quaint?! It comes off a *free* parking lot! And there’s a ramp in the sidewalk so we are *fully accessible*!

The teaching area is bright and open! And our usual tea/coffee and treat promises remain in full – there’s an abundance of chocolate in this space too – who knew?

Just down the hall are beautiful public bathrooms – more than one!

And…there are designated reading and chilling spaces now too! So if you’re in the neighbourhood on your lunch break or taking a walk in the park and you’d like to come in to rest and read – our door is open!

Speaking of open doors, our hours will change now that summer is upon us. Come the end of June, our summer hours will be posted and there will be even more time for you to come in and hang out to read, write, chat or participate in a class or a workshop.

We are so pleased to share our new forever home with you all!

See you there!

Our new address:

1899 Niagara St, The Stable Yard at Willistead Manor

Windsor, ON N8Y 1K3

phone and email remain the same:

519-999-2314 |

And…a reminder that our OPEN HOUSE & 1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY IS SUNDAY, JULY 28TH, 2019 FROM 10AM – 4PM!