Oh The Love! Erotic Writing & More

We’ve been having a blast at Gertrude’s Writing Room this winter – feeling the love! Our Erotic Writing Workshop was very hot stuff! We learned about the history of erotic writing, we read erotic poetry and scenes from some of the world’s best erotica. And we wrote – oh boy, did we write! Turns out every can write erotica!

Our Powerful Prompts for Teens workshop was filled with love too – love of sweets, love of art, love of music, and love of writing. We gathered under the gentle and inspiring guidance of S. Rebecca Leigh for an afternoon of creative writing prompts and art making.

We’re heading into March and there some exciting workshops and classes that are still open for registration.

Comic Book Writing For Kids (Workshop) – CLICK HERE FOR INFO

The Prayer Box – Writing for Your Daily Spirit (Workshop) – CLICK HERE FOR INFO

The Original Stories – Writing out the Voices (Class) – CLICK HERE FOR INFO

Hope to see you at Gertrude’s Writing Room!